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Bid Title: Irwindale Gateway Industrial Development
Category: Irwindale Request for Proposals
Status: Closed








JUNE 23, 2022




The City of Irwindale Community Development Department – Planning Division is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to prepare an environmental assessment for a request to construct three (3) speculative industrial buildings totaling ±991,090 square feet (Building 1: 240,580 sf., Building 2: 676,400 sf., Building 3: 74,110 sf.) with associated standard vehicle and trailer parking for property located at 13620 Live Oak Lane (APNs: 8532-002-035 and -042). 




The City of Irwindale is located within the eastern portion of Los Angeles County at the periphery of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.  The San Gabriel River bisects the City into eastern and western sections as it flows south, with the foothills of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains located to the north. The City is centrally located within the San Gabriel Valley and is generally bounded on the north by Duarte, on the east by Azusa, on the south by Baldwin Park, and on the west by the Cities of Monrovia, Arcadia, and Duarte.   Regional access to the City is provided by the Foothill Freeway (I-210) and the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605).


The majority of the City’s population and development are located in that portion of the City that is east of the San Gabriel River.  Land uses found in the western portion of the City are dominated by large-scale quarry operations with limited areas of more traditional urban development.  The mid portion of the City is encompassed by the Santa Fe Dam recreational area.  The City has a total land area of 9.5 square miles, over 800 businesses, a resident population of 1,416, and a daytime population of over 30,000.




The project, formerly known as the NuWay site, is composed of two (2) parcels (APNs: 8532-002-035 and 8532-002-042), totaling 2,935,944 square feet (67.4 acres). The site is bordered by the I-605 Freeway to the west, Arrow Highway to the north, Live Oak Avenue to the south and the San Gabriel River to the east. There is also a 10.48-acre Southern California Edison (SCE) easement on site. Please refer to Attachment 1 and the copy of the enclosed Google Map page for illustration.


The property is comprised of two (2) parcels; APN 8532-002 was previously occupied by a street-sweeping business, which has been vacated and APN 8532-002-042 is a former inert landfill filled without proper compaction. All current material storage and soil/aggregate piles and debris will need to be removed from the site in order to prepare the site for the proposed development.    


The land is zoned M-2 (Heavy Manufacturing), designated “Regional Commercial” by the City’s General Plan, and subject to the Irwindale Commercial & Industrial Design Guidelines and the Irwindale Active Transportation Plan (ATP). 


The Project will require the following discretionary and/or administrative approvals from the City:


  1. General Plan Amendment (Map) to change the current designation from “Regional Commercial” to “Specific Plan”.


  1. Zone Change to change the current designation from M-2 (Heavy Manufacturing) to Irwindale Gateway Specific Plan.


  1. Site Plan and Design Review Permit (DA) for the construction of three (3) speculative, industrial buildings. It addresses the site configuration, design, location, and impact of the proposed use and the compliance of the Project with the established Zoning Code standards and the “City of Irwindale Commercial and Industrial Design Guidelines.”


  1. Tentative Parcel Map to create seven (7) total lots.


The applicant is also proposing to dedicate Live Oak Lane along the project’s frontage to improve the street to the City’s 60’-0” wide standard.  Additionally, the applicant is proposing a new traffic signal for the Live Oak Lane intersection, 2,100 feet of new public water main, and 750 feet of new public sidewalk.




The Scope of Services to be provided by the Consultant shall include, but not be limited to, the tasks and deliverables listed below.


  1. Prepare an Initial Study.


  1. Review the entitlement application package, prepare necessary technical studies for City review, review any supporting technical studies provided by the Applicant.


  1. Prepare and distribute the Notice of Preparation; Notice of Completion/Notice of Availability; and Notice of Determination. Prepare and distribute the Tribal Consultation notice and participate in any requested tribal consultation.  The Consultant shall assist in the preparation of the distribution list and shall be responsible for all mailings.


  1. Prepare the Notice of Scoping Meeting and related documents, coordinate and assist with Scoping meeting.


  1. Consistent with the requirements of CEQA, identify, discuss and develop appropriate mitigation monitoring programs for short-term and/or long-term impacts associated with the proposed Project. 


  1. Coordinate with the City Public Works/Engineering Department in the preparation of the traffic analysis.


  1. Prepare the first Administrative Draft EIR (ADEIR) for City staff review.


  1. Make all revisions to the ADEIR and prepare the screencheck Draft EIR, including appendices and exhibits, which incorporate staff’s written recommendations and revisions to the ADEIR.


  1. Prepare the City-approved public review Draft EIR with appendices, exhibits, and Mitigation Summary. 


  1. Respond to comments made during the Draft EIR public review period. Prepare the Administrative Final EIR (AFEIR) document addressing all comments on the Draft EIR.


  1. Prepare the screencheck Final EIR, including appendices and exhibits, which will incorporate staff’s written recommendations and revisions to the AFEIR, and a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program.


  1. Prepare the City-approved Final EIR with appendices and exhibits. 


  1. Attend up to nine (9) meetings, including but not limited to: one kick-off meeting with City staff; one scoping meeting, up to four (4) meetings with Staff to discuss issues regarding the preparation of the Administrative Draft EIR, a Community Meeting, Draft EIR, responses to public comments and the Final EIR; and two (2) public hearings before the Planning Commission (one hearing) and City Council (one hearing). These meetings may a combination of in-person and virtual subject to COVID-19 protocols.


  1. Be available for and participate in conference calls/Zoom meetings to discuss the project and updates as needed.


  1. Provide peer review for technical studies provided by the applicant (i.e., hydrology, economic feasibility study, geotechnical studies, etc.) 



The Consultant’s Technical Proposal package shall contain the following:


  1. Introduction


Introduction of Project proposal including a statement of Project understanding, a discussion of how the objective of the scope of work will be accomplished, the name of the firm submitting the proposal, its mailing address, telephone number, and the name of the individual to contact, if further information is require. Any participating firms and proposed sub-consultants shall be identified and included in the proposal. 


  1. Statement of Qualifications 


  1. A description of the firm’s capabilities and experience on similar projects.
  2. Identification of staff’s capabilities and the Project Manager assigned to oversee the work; an Organization Chart showing the proposed relationships between all key personnel and the support staff assigned to the Project; the proposed responsibilities of each person on the chart, and brief resumes of all personnel assigned to the Project. 
  3. A description of firm’s key personnel’s present activities and their availability to accomplish the required services within the project schedule. 
  4. Identification of any sub-consultants to be used. Information shall include the name and address of the sub-consultant, resumes of key staff proposed for the Project and the tasks to be carried out. All sub-consultants must be approved by the City. 


  1. Scope of Work


A description of the approach and methodology to provide the required services. Identify any supplemental tasks deemed necessary or alternatives, which may enhance the Project, reduce costs, or expedite delivery. The consultant should also identify any tasks not identified and/or mentioned in this document that would otherwise affect the successful realization of the Project. 


  1. Conflict of Interest 


The Consultant shall disclose any financial, business, or other relationships with the City that may have an impact on the outcome of this contract or any resulting construction Project. The property owner and applicant is KP Irwindale Owner, LLC/Kearny Real Estate Company. The Consultant shall disclose any financial, business or other relationships with these individuals and firms. The City reserves the right to cancel the award, if any interest disclosed from any source could either give the appearance of a conflict or cause speculation as to the objectivity of the process. The City determination regarding any question of conflict of interest shall be final. 


  1. Limits of General and Professional Liability Insurance 


The Consultant shall disclose any financial, business or other relationships with the City that may have an impact on the outcome of this contract or any resulting construction Project. The City reserves the right to cancel the reward if any interest disclosed from any source could either give the appearance of a conflict or cause speculation as to the objectivity of the program. The City determination regarding any question of conflict of interest shall be final. 


  1. References 


The consultant shall provide three professional references for the project manager and the company. 


  1.  Schedule of Services 


Provide an EIR completion schedule with project milestones. The completion schedule must show a completion and EIR certification date, no later than 12 months* after contract award. *Please note that this deadline may change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


The Consultant’s cost proposal shall contain the following: 


  1. Firm’s rate schedule for the duration of the contract. 
  1. Firm’s total cost to perform the work in its entirety, including a breakdown of the costs for each individual work task. 
  2. Listing of any other costs charged by firm in providing EIR consultant services. 


The Technical Proposal and Cost Proposal shall be transmitted separately, with a cover letter that must be signed by an official authorized to bind the consultant contractually, and shall contain a statement that the proposals are firm offers for a 90-day period. The letter accompanying the Technical Proposal shall also provide the following: name, title, address, telephone number and email address of individuals with the authority to negotiate and contractually bind the Consultant. The cover letter constitutes certification by Consultant, under penalty of perjury, that the Consultant complies with nondiscrimination requirements of the State and the Federal Government. An unsigned proposal or one signed by an individual unauthorized to bind the consultant may be rejected. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting delays and work-around schedules, the submittal deadline and submittal requirements have been revised.   Please see the revision to the Submittal Requirements below:




All interested firms or individuals shall upload their proposals to ( and submit two (2) digital copies (flash drive only) to: 


Marilyn Simpson, AICP

Brandi Jones

City of Irwindale Community Development Department – Planning Division

5050 Irwindale Avenue

Irwindale, CA 91706 


A paper copy may be requested at a future date. We are only accepting electronic submittals at this time.


Cost proposal information shall be submitted in a separately labeled file on the flash drive and upload and not be included within the proposal document. 


All proposals must be received by Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. 




Questions regarding this RFP should be directed via e-mail to  and , by July 13, 2022. An addendum with answers to questions will be issued by the City after this date.



Attached is a copy of a sample Professional Services Agreement. Proposers should review this agreement and provide the City with a written statement of their willingness to accept the terms of the agreement.  If a proposer is unwilling to accept any terms of the agreement, the proposer should identify the term(s) and the reason(s) that such term(s) are unacceptable.



The Community Development Department will initially review the proposals. Finalists will be asked to participate in an interview with an interview panel.  Proposals will be reviewed and judged on the following criteria:


  • Understanding of the Scope of Work;
  • Experience with similar projects in California;
  • Consultant qualifications, background, and experience;
  • Qualifications and experience of the consultant’s project manager and related staff assigned to this project;
  • Qualifications of sub-consultant(s) and their role in this project (if applicable); 
  • Timeline to complete; and 
  • Cost of services.


The City of Irwindale reserves the right to:                                                                                                 

  • Reject any and/or all of the submittals;
  • Waive any of the provisions of this RFP;
  • Issue subsequent RFPs or addendums;
  • Cancel the RFP or extend the time frames;
  • Waive technical errors in responses to this RFP; and
  • Negotiate with any, all, or none of the respondents to the RFP on terms that vary from those provided in any Proposal.
  • Award the services to a provider in the City’s sole discretion based on the City’s evaluation of all of the above criteria and not solely based on the proposed cost.



Sample Professional Services Agreement 

Preliminary Site Plan 

Tentative Parcel Map) 

Project Description provided by the Applicant 



Publication Date/Time:
6/23/2022 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
8/4/2022 5:00 PM
Contact Person:
Marilyn Simpson, AICP

Brandi Jones

City of Irwindale Community Development Department – Planning Division
5050 Irwindale Avenue
Irwindale, CA 91706

Download Available:
Plan & Spec Available:
Sample Professional Services Agreement
Preliminary Site Plan
Tentative Parcel Map)
Project Description provided by the Applicant
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