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Bid Title: RFP - Property Management and Maintenance Services for Las Casitas Senior Apartment Complex
Category: Irwindale Request for Proposals
Status: Closed







SEPTEMBER 20, 2023



The Irwindale Housing Authority (IHA) is requesting proposals from property management companies, sometimes referred to as the “Proposer,” to provide Property Management Services for Las Casitas, a 26 unit affordable senior apartment complex.

It is the IHA’s intention to solicit proposals, evaluate the proposals, conduct oral presentations with the Proposers, verify the information presented, and to award a contract to the responsible firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the IHA, with price and other factors considered.


The City was founded in 1860 and incorporated in 1957.  Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, and just 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, Irwindale is a small, thriving business community in the midst of one of the world’s most productive regions!  Approximately 1,500 residents live in approximately 450 single-family housing units in the City.  The City’s housing stock also includes one multi-family 26-unit senior apartment complex and scattered secondary housing units.    

Irwindale has enjoyed progressive growth, guided by a unique vision distinguishing it as a city that takes pride in its close-knit, family-oriented community environment.  Most of Irwindale’s residents are families who have lived here for many years, some of whom founded the City in the early 1900s.


The IHA is soliciting proposals to find a qualified firm to provide Property Management Services for the Las Casitas Senior Apartment Complex located at 5164 Ayon Avenue, Irwindale, CA 91706 (Property).  This two building, two-story complex currently has twenty-six (26) one-bedroom / one-bath units, including one (1) manager unit and twenty-five (25) affordable rent-restricted units, as follows:  

Rent Restrictions:

Income Level

Number of Units

Extremely Low


Very Low









Units not identified in the chart above are 1 Market Rate unit (Apt 105) and 1 Manager’s Unit (Apt 103)

This, even though the Regulatory Agreement (as defined below) sets forth the following breakdown for the income-restricted units:

Rent Restrictions:

Income Level

Number of Units

Extremely Low


Very Low








 The Property is currently owned by the IHA and is leased to The Northridge Group (Northridge).  The IHA entered into a Lease Agreement with Northridge to develop the apartment units and manage the Property in May 1995 (Old Lease). The project was developed in two phases – Phase 1 completed in 1996 consisting of 16 units (including the manager’s unit) and Phase 2 completed in 2012 consisting of 10 units. The Property consists of 26 residential units that, with the exception of 1 unrestricted manager’s unit, have restricted rents affordable to extremely low, very low, low and moderate income senior households. The 32,760 square foot Property features landscaping, one elevator, a club house including a TV room, dining table, kitchen, internet, and cable, laundry room, and an outdoor covered patio area with a barbecue.

In March 2011, the Authority executed a new Development and Disposition Agreement (DDA) with Northridge to clarify terms and ensure that all legal requirements were addressed. See link here: The DDA and related documents supersede the Old Lease prepared during Phase 1. The Regulatory Agreement and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, along with two amendments thereto (together, “Regulatory Agreement”) details the covenants, conditions, and restrictions imposing affordable rent restrictions, rental subsidies, maintenance requirements, and other restrictions during the 55-year affordability period beginning July 1, 2012 and ending on July 1, 2067; the Regulatory Agreement also sets out Property management terms and conditions. See link here: The DDA and Regulatory Agreement also include the IHA’s current Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures for Senior Low/Moderate Income Housing Apartment Rental Program that establishes the application process for interested persons.

Later this year, the IHA is planning to acquire Northridge’s leasehold interest held through the Regulatory Agreement and then terminate both the Regulatory Agreement and DDA and thereafter, record a new Affordable Housing Covenant (New Covenant) against the Property substantially similar to the affordable housing regulations set out in the Regulatory Agreement.  The New Covenant period would commence as of the time the Regulatory Agreement is terminated and expire the same time the Regulatory Agreement is currently set to expire (July 1, 2067).  Through this RFP, the IHA is seeking property management services for a firm to manage the Property until expiration of the New Covenant. A summary of financial performance for the property over the last 3 years is attached hereto as Attachment A- (Las Casitas Last 3 FY Operating Expense Statements) 


The Property Management company (Property Manager) will be required to provide full service, comprehensive property management and maintenance services necessary to maintain and preserve the Property. The Property Manager will be responsible for regularly assessing the conditions of the Property, mobilizing quickly to address repairs and other issues requiring immediate attention, and developing and implementing preventive maintenance measures. The Property Manager will be required to enter into an Agreement for Property Management Services with the IHA. The Property Manager’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

 1. Lease

Lease execution, including explaining the lease and all attachments to applicants awarded a unit based on the Las Casitas tenant selection process. Responsible for enforcing compliance with the terms of tenant leases, as well as termination of lease and pursuance of eviction actions, including serving notices to vacate and filing judicial actions, using its own legal counsel and in consultation with the IHA General Counsel’s Office.

The Property Manager will facilitate evictions of non-paying tenants and tenants who violate any material terms of the tenant leases, when necessary and pursuant to other Federal, state or local rules or regulations.

2. Rent Collection

Responsible for collection of rents and charges owed by residents, as well as any and all requests necessary for IHA subsidy funding. The Property Manager will be responsible for collecting, depositing and disbursing resident security deposits and maintaining related records. 

 3. Property Maintenance

Responsible for maintaining the Property in a decent, safe and sanitary condition. The Property Manager’s responsibilities for Property maintenance include: 

  1. Prompt responses to all resident maintenance requests and completing emergency and routine maintenance work in a timely fashion in accordance with the contract performance standards; 
  2. Maintenance of the Property as a whole and all individual units in compliance with applicable state law, IHA standards, and applicable local codes at all times; 
  3. Securing the Property against unauthorized entry, including maintenance of lockable doors and windows and other existing security features and components, such as window bars, security booths and security devices, as well as securing unoccupied units against unauthorized entry and damage;
  4. Removing trash and rubbish from common areas and vacant units as necessary and removing, within 24 hours, any graffiti observed on the site;
  5. Maintaining and cleaning ground areas, including lawn areas, shrubbery, bushes, trees, fence lines, alley rights-of-ways and sidewalk areas;
  6. Maintaining 24-hour, 7-day maintenance coverage for the Property, including a contact telephone number for emergency maintenance requests.

 4. Vacancy Turnaround

Unit turnover, including cleaning and preparing vacated units for lease up.

The IHA’s monthly standard for vacancy turnaround time is 30 days. This includes make ready and lease-up time. The monthly report must include the following for each vacated unit: 

 (i) The date the unit was vacated. 

(ii) The name of the former resident who vacated. 

(iii) The unit number of the vacated unit. 

 (v) Reason tenant vacated unit. 

(vi) The date the unit was made ready for tenant to take possession. 

(vii) The date maintenance completed all “make ready” repairs. 

(viii) The date the unit was re-leased. 

5. Recertification

Annual reexamination of income and family composition.

The IHA annual standard for re-certifications as applicable is that each tenant household must be recertified no more than ninety (90) days and no less than thirty (30) days prior to the tenant’s lease expiration. Tenants may be contacted by the Property Manager regarding recertification no earlier than 120 days prior to the tenant household’s lease expiration. The Property Manager shall prepare a monthly report which indicates for each tenant whose lease expired during the preceding month, the date the tenant was contacted regarding recertification, and the date recertification was completed.

6. Unit inspections

Expected to perform regular inspections of grounds, building exteriors, building systems, and interior common areas of the Property. The Property Manager must also conduct inspections on all units, grounds, building exteriors, building systems and interior common areas at the site, at least annually, to ensure compliance with various programs including applicable state law, local codes and IHA standards and requirements. 

7. Supplies

Purchase of all required supplies and services. Full fiscal management responsibilities including preparing annual operating budgets, monthly financial reporting and keeping expenses and income within approved budget amounts. 

8. Preventative Maintenance

Perform maintenance and preventive maintenance including: removal of trash and debris; cutting grass and shrubbery; repairing broken gates and fences; graffiti removal; address/repair hazards and liabilities, etc. Take a proactive approach to maintenance and perform all needed preventative maintenance work at the Property.

9. Major Systems Regular and Extraordinary Maintenance

Primary responsibility for performing maintenance and repairs on major building systems, including heating systems, central air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, elevators, fire alarm systems, security systems, automatic doors, roofing, foundations, floors, and interior and exterior walls. The Property Manager will also be responsible for performing any other necessary extraordinary maintenance and repair work. 

10. Fixed Assets and Building Equipment

The Property Manager will be responsible for maintaining a complete and up-to-date inventory list of all fixed assets at the Property, including appliances, fixtures, furniture, building equipment, and maintenance equipment, as well as maintaining current keys to all units and common areas.

11. Property Records 

The Property Manager will be responsible for maintaining at Las Casitas, a comprehensive and organized system of auditable records of all financial and management operations of the Property in accordance with applicable statutes, regulations and sound business practices. This will include individual files for each resident and unit at the Property; records of vacancies, rent collection, maintenance requests and performed, inspections and resident re-certifications; lease enforcement and security, including evictions; budget and financial records; and information related to fixed assets and equipment at the Property.

12. Financial Management 

The Property Manager will be required to report monthly to the IHA on rents collected and other income received.  The Property Manager will be responsible for managing all site-operating funds and must keep operating funds, security deposits and reserves for IHA in separate bank accounts and separate from all other funds.

13. Life Safety 

The Property Manager will be responsible for monitoring security incidents at the Property, coordinating with the IHA, working with local law enforcement, assessing ongoing site security needs, and performing other site security functions as specified in any existing security plans for the site. The Property Manager will also be responsible for promptly pursuing lease enforcement actions against any resident engaging in criminal activity and/or activity that is hazardous to health and safety on or around the Property.

14. Resident and Community Relations 

The Property Manager will be expected to promote and maintain good relations with residents and their representatives, neighborhood groups and local government officials and to encourage initiatives to promote the social development of the residents. The Property Manager will be responsible for communicating to residents the community rules as stated in the approved lease, and any other information pertinent to resident life and tenancy through public posting and/or notices delivered to residents. The Property Manager shall be the primary point of contact for all tenants with regard to any and all tenant related issues, including security concerns. 


The objective of this Request for Proposals is to invite prospective Property Managers to submit sufficient information regarding their management expertise, their approach to property management, and financial capability.  

The IHA intends to select and enter into an agreement (Agreement) to negotiate exclusively with the best-qualified property manager for the project.  All aspects of the development program will be subject to negotiation.

Property Manager is expected to perform the above scope of work in the following manner. 

  1. The Property Manager must assign at least one property manager to perform the services required under the Agreement, and at least one property manager must be available 24 hours per day/365 days per year in the event an emergency arises; 
  2. Property Manager shall acknowledge and fulfill (or commence) all IHA requests for emergency work as soon as practically possible, but in no event less than 24-hours after notice by IHA (unless otherwise specified by IHA); 
  3. IHA requests for non-emergency work should be acknowledged within two (2) business hours and fulfilled within two (2) business days (or commenced within two (2) business days until completed with reasonable diligence for work that cannot be completed within the designated time); 
  4. When on IHA property or engaging in business related to the scope of work contained herein, the Property Manager and its employees, agents and contractors, must represent themselves professionally, be courteous to the Las Casitas tenants and IHA staff. When questioned, Property Manager and/or its contractors or employees should state for whom they work and the general nature of the work to be performed; 
  5. The Property Manager shall designate an on-site property manager as the principal point of contact for day-to-day communications, and notify IHA of the same. The on-site manager along with his/her household, will reside in the designated Manager’s Unit, which will be the only unit within the Property that is not income-restricted. If there is a change in the on-site property manager, the Property Manager must immediately notify IHA of the new on-site property manager. If, at any point during the term of the Agreement, the Property Manager has not provided IHA with the correct contact information for the on-site property manager, IHA shall be authorized to terminate the Agreement; 
  6. The Property Manager shall maintain and provide to IHA a list of pre-approved contractors, properly licensed to do work in California, for services including: fencing, landscaping, tree removal, site security, graffiti removal, demolition, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, framing and roofing. Prior to releasing any contractor to perform work at the Property, the contract with such contractor, evidence of insurance (copy of COI), and license information shall be provided to IHA; 
  7. The Property Manager shall communicate in a professional manner with IHA and City of Irwindale staff, as well as other consultants utilized by IHA and City of Irwindale; 
  8. The Property Manager shall perform all activities in an efficient manner, using standard commercial practices and using appropriately licensed contractors.


IHA is seeking highly qualified firms and therefore, in order to be considered responsive, a firm must meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess qualifications enabling the successful completion of the scope of work for the Irwindale Housing Authority. This includes but is not limited to, having a valid and current license issued by the California Department of Real Estate,
  2. Possess demonstrated experience in the industry/field of property management.
  3. Have performed work on projects of similar size, type and/or complexity. 
  4. Have been in business a minimum of five (5) years.
  5. Provide all information requested in this RFP and address the specifics of the evaluation criteria. 
  6. Must demonstrate an overall combination of skills, prior work experience, business reputation, and success with engaging members of the community. 
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the systems in place.



Issuance of this RFP is intended to produce a short-list of firms or teams best qualified to participate in a selection interview. Only those firms or teams that respond to this RFP and meet or exceed the requirements contained in this RFP will be eligible for consideration. 

The procurement may be canceled at any time if, in the opinion of IHA, the project goals will not be achieved by awarding an agreement or the firms or teams are considered non-responsive. The process may be revised at any time during the solicitation, selection, evaluation and negotiation phases up to final award.


Questions and requests for clarification regarding this RFP must be directed in writing, via email to the person listed below. The deadline for submitting such questions/clarifications is October 4, 2023 by 3:00 pm. IHA will issue an addendum to all recorded holders of the RFP no later than 72 hours prior to the date the response to this solicitation is due.   IHA Contact Person: Fernando Lopez, Housing Coordinator, Email:


Sealed proposals must be received no later than the date and time and at the location specified on the cover of this solicitation. The outside of the envelope shall plainly identify the RFP with the Project title, and the name and address of the proposer. Proposals received after time or date listed herein shall not be considered. Proposals received after the scheduled closing time for filing may be returned to the proposer unopened. The cost proposal shall be enclosed in a separate, sealed envelope. Facsimile and electronic copies are not acceptable.

Each proposer who submits qualifications is required to provide one (1) unbound original hard copy of the proposal and one (1) electronic non-encrypted PDF version on a flash drive.  Proposals must be complete and sealed.    In order to simplify the proposal evaluation process, proposals shall be submitted on 8 ½ by 11 inch paper and organized in the following format:

(*Important - Please submit your RFP response with topical discussions corresponding to the numbers (excluding the cover letter, #1) in the outline below.   Numbered and lettered items will assist staff in evaluating your firm’s qualifications.

City of Irwindale


5050 Irwindale Avenue

Irwindale, California 91706

Attn: Marilyn Simpson, Community Development Director


1. Statement of Interest: Include a cover letter providing a statement of interest including the following:

  • RFP Project Title – Las Casitas Property Management Proposal
  • Names(s) of the person(s) authorized to represent the proposer in any negotiations;
  • Names(s) of the person(s) authorized to sign any agreement that may result from this solicitation;
  • Contact person’s name, mailing or street address, phone and fax numbers, and email address.

A representative of the proposer who is legally authorized to bind the proposer in contractual matters must sign the Cover Letter.  

2. Organization Chart: Show the proposer’s business structure, areas of expertise, length of time in business, number of employees, and other information that would be helpful in understanding the proposer’s ability to perform the work and/or services described in this RFP. Describe proposer’s internal procedures and/or policies associated with or related to work quality and cost control.  Describe the resources available to perform the work for the duration of the agreement. Provide the address of the proposer’s home office and the address of the office that will manage the Property, if different.

 3. Project Team: Provide a professional resume for the key personnel to be assigned to the project. Proposals must identify a proposed property manager who would be responsible for the day-to-day management of project tasks and would be the primary point of contact with your firm.

  • Address, telephone, fax number, and e-mail address
  • Description of the relationship of proposer with other entities which could be construed as a conflict of interest with either IHA or the City of Irwindale
  • Information on team members’ professional registration within the State of California, experience and education
  • Include information on the current workload of each team member.
  • Similar information is to be provided for each of proposer’s contractors, if any. 

 4. Team Experience: 

When submitting projects for which an individual firm worked in an auxiliary capacity or in a joint venture or partnership, include the name of the lead firm. 

  • A listing of all public, permanent supportive and private housing currently managed by proposer, with the name and contract representative of the property owners (who may be contacted as references), the length of the contract, address of the property, form of subsidy (if applicable), type of property (elderly, family, mixed), number of units, and whether the property is an affordable housing project. 
  • An actual or prototypical budget and income and expense report for a property managed by the proposer as evidence of the proposer’s financial reporting systems and expertise in operating matters. 
  • Year-end financial statements for the past three completed fiscal years for the proposer. 

5. Project Understanding: Through proposals submitted, IHA will evaluate each proposer’s understanding of the work completed to date, and the role and commitment to delivering solutions that meet or exceed the minimum technical requirements as defined in the Scope of Services.

If applicable, discuss any unique aspects of the Project and/or alternative approaches and/or special considerations IHA might wish to consider.

6. Proposal Forms

1.   A completed form (see Attachment B) which includes the proposed management fee must be completed and submitted with the proposal:

 Cost Proposal Submission 

 2.   A completed form (see Attachment C) containing a projection of stabilized net operating income must be completed and submitted with the proposal:

Net Operating Income 

7. Legal Entity: Describe the legal entity with whom the IHA would contract.  Identify the person in charge of negotiations, and key personnel who will be involved in decision making.

8. Certifications and Affidavits 

Proposers shall submit the following certifications and affidavit:

  1. A copy of the proposer’s applicable license, including a license issued by the California Department of Real Estate, to operate in the State of California as a property manager. 
  2. Insurance certification showing minimum limitation required in the Agreement. 

9. References 

The proposer shall submit five references. Three of the five references should be owners of properties which are currently being managed by the proposer and one of the five references should be a financial institution doing business with the proposer.


Responses to the RFP will be reviewed by a Review Committee including the Housing Authority Executive Director, Assistant City Manager, Community Development Director, and Director of Engineering/Building Official. The Review Committee reserves the right to contact and evaluate the proposer’s references; contact any proposer to clarify any response; contact any current clients of a proposer; and solicit information from any available source deemed pertinent to the evaluation process.  Based on the evaluation criteria, the Review Committee will make an award in the best interest of the IHA.

Following review of the responses, the Review Committee may elect to interview some or all of the respondents or may otherwise seek clarification or amplification of the material submitted.  Upon completion of the review, the committee will make its recommendation to the IHA for the proposed project.  Interviews with selected proposers may be held.  Notifications of acceptance or rejection by the IHA will be made in writing to all proposers.

Recommendations may include:

  • Selection of one or more respondents to submit a formal proposal.
  • Selection of one respondent to enter into a Property Management Services Agreement (Attachment D).
  • Rejection of all proposals.

If formal proposals are solicited, finalists (no more than three) will be asked to provide the following:

  1. More detailed graphic presentations of the proposal 
  2.  Any additional economic/financial requests for the IHA to consider.
  3. Any additional proposal information, as requested.

If a firm is selected, they will be required to enter into a definitive agreement (i.e. Property Management Services) for the management of the Property.   





Qualifications, Related Experience, and References: Proposer’s demonstrated experience in managing low income senior housing, in particular, working with government entities such as public housing authorities.



Proposed Staffing and Project Organization: Capacity to provide timely, professional and courteous service with a focus on residents’ needs, regulatory compliance and maximizing portfolio revenue as evidenced by past performance. Proposed staffing (number of employees, titles, organizational structure) to ensure meeting management goals.



Work Plan/Technical Approach to the Project: Relevance of the proposer’s approach and narrative summary of delivering anticipated services. Specifically, strategies in achieving management goals and performance indicators.



Cost: Proposed per unit per month management fee and capacity to manage within the related Pro Forma operating income.







A. Rules, Regulations, and Licensing Requirements.

The proposer must possess all necessary required license(s) to do business in the City of Irwindale and the State of California. In addition, the proposer shall comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to the services contemplated herein, especially those applicable to conflict of interest. Proposers are presumed to be familiar with all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, codes, rules, and regulations that may in any way affect the services.

B. Term of Agreement

The successful proposer shall enter into a Property Management Agreement with the IHA. The term of the agreement to be awarded shall expire July 1, 2067. 

C. Performance Standards

The Property Manager will be expected to adhere to the IHA’S high performance standards with regard to such areas as occupancy level, rent collections, maintenance performance, completion of unit inspections, tenant re-certifications and physical condition of the site.

D. Assignment 

The successful proposer shall not enter into any subcontract, retain consultants, or assign, transfer, convey, sublet, or otherwise dispose of this contract, or any or all of its rights, title, or interest therein, or its power to execute such contract, to any person, company or corporation without the prior written consent of the IHA. 

E. General Requirements of Management Agreement

Proposers will be responsible for the full range of services customary of a property management company. In the performance of these duties, the proposer must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

F. Authority Discretion, Non-Liability Waivers

All materials, exhibits, and data presented in this RFP is general in nature and shall not be deemed as representations or inducements to which the IHA is bound.  Proposers are advised to conduct independent evaluations of all factual, financial and legal matters upon which their proposal is based.  The IHA reserves the right to reject all proposals, waive any irregularities in the proposal, reschedule or re-solicit proposals if deemed to be in its best interest.   The IHA shall not be responsible for any real estate commissions or brokerage fees, which may result from this opportunity. 

G. General Terms and Conditions 

The RFP does not commit the IHA to award a contract, to pay any cost incurred in the preparation of the firm’s RFP response or to procure or contract for services or supplies.  The IHA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all RFP responses received as a result of this request, to negotiate with all qualified sources or to cancel all or part of this RFP.

Submission of a proposal means that the proposer hereby agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in all the pages of this solicitation.  The proposer must include within the proposal, a description of those terms and/or conditions, including those within the Property Management Services Agreement, to which the proposer does not agree.

H. Award

The firms/entities chosen to provide services may be required to participate in negotiations and to submit such revisions of their proposals as may result from negotiations. The IHA reserves the right to award a contract/select a service provider without discussion based upon the initial proposals received, without interviews.  The IHA reserves the right to dismiss any proposal that does not meet the requirements as listed in this RFP and will not necessarily choose the lowest cost bidder who, in the IHA’s estimation, is deemed not adequately qualified for the services requested.

I. Insurance

Consultant shall maintain commercial general liability insurance with coverage at least as broad as Insurance Services Office form CG 00 01, in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate, for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. The policy must include contractual liability that has not been amended. Any endorsement restricting standard ISO “insured contract” language will not be accepted.

The Agency/Authority shall be furnished a copy of the policy AND an endorsement that the “Agency/Authority, its officers, employees, and agents are named as additional insured’s” prior to consultant commencing duties under this Agreement.  Said policy of liability insurance shall state, “coverage thereunder as applied to Agency/Authority, its officers, employees, and agents shall be primary and non-contributing as to any other insurance and self-insurance as may be maintained by the Agency/Authority.”  The policy shall contain severability of interest, specifying that the coverage afforded by the policy applies separately to each insured thereunder.   The policy shall be endorsed to expressly provide the Agency/Authority with thirty (30) calendar days advance written notice of cancellation, non-renewal, or material change in coverage.

J. Fidelity bond coverage or commercial crime insurance. 

Consultant shall maintain Fidelity Bond coverage or Commercial Crime insurance which shall be written on a “loss sustained form” or “discovery form” with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for Employee Dishonesty, Fraud, Depositor Forgery, Money Orders & Counterfeit money, Fraudulent Fund Transfers, and Theft by Electronic Means. Said policy shall also include coverage for Money & Securities – On and Off Premises – including transportation by messenger, Fraudulent Instruction, Robbery and Burglary with limits of not less than $100,000 per occurrence. The Agency, its officers, employees, and agents shall be named as Loss Payees. If the policy is written on a “discovery form,” it must include an extended reporting period of not less than one (1) year. 

Consultant shall submit to Agency, along with the certificate of insurance, a Waiver of Subrogation endorsement in favor of Agency, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers. 

K. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Consultant shall maintain workers’ compensation insurance as required by the State Labor Code and Employer’s Liability Insurance with limits in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) per incident.  The insurers shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against Agency/Authority and its employees for losses arising from work performed by Consultant for Agency/Authority.

L. Professional Liability (errors & omissions) Insurance:  

Consultant shall maintain professional liability insurance that covers the Services to be performed in connection with this Agreement, in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per claim and in the aggregate. Any policy inception date, continuity date, or retroactive date must be before the effective date of this agreement and Consultant agrees to maintain continuous coverage through a period no less than three years after completion of the services required by this agreement.

M. Business License

A professional services provider shall be required to obtain a City of Irwindale business license.

N. Professional Licensing 

The professional services provider, and any subcontractors, shall possess any necessary license(s) relative to the work to be performed as required by an appropriate licensing authority of the State of California, and shall provide evidence of such to the Agency/Authority with their proposal or prior to commencement of the work in such form as the Agency/Authority shall require.


Attachment A – Las Casitas Last 3 FY Operating Expense Statements.

Attachment B – Cost Proposal Form

Attachment C – Net Operating Income Form

Attachment D – Property Management Services Agreement Template.

Attachment E – Schedule

Attachment F – Project Overview

Attachment G – Vicinity Map

Publication Date/Time:
9/20/2023 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
10/23/2023 5:00 PM
Contact Person:
Questions regarding this RFP should be directed via e-mail to, by Monday, October 4, 2023 by 3:00 PM. An addendum with answers to questions will be issued by the City after this date.

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