Emergency Prepardness

CivicReady Alerts

The city of Irwindale uses the CivicReady service to deliver important and timely information, including emergency messages and alerts, to our community.

The CivicReady service delivers trustworthy and important public safety and community event notifications directly from the Irwindale Police Department via the internet, email, text messaging, and voice calls. There is NO Spam or advertising and user information is entirely confidential.

CivicReady is available at no cost, however if you choose to receive text messages, standard text message rates may apply (check with your cell phone provider for more details).

The service is simple to use, reliable and trusted and users have complete control over when and how they receive information. Go to the CivicReady Notifications page for more information and how to enroll.

Irwindale Police Department Mobile Phone App Alerts

The Irwindale Police Department offers a free mobile device application. In the event of an emergency, mobile application users may receive an instant notification alerts from the police department directly on their mobile device using push technology.

We encourage all of our citizens, our business community, media outlets and anyone with an interest in the Irwindale community to download our mobile application to stay connected and interact with the Irwindale Police Department in the event of an emergency. You can learn more about our mobile application, including where to find the app and how to download it, on our Mobile App page.

Being Prepared in Irwindale

The Irwindale Police Department encourages our residents and businesses to be prepared for an earthquake or other natural or major disaster. Although we don't want to think about it, the reality is that we live in an area where earthquakes, localized flooding, extreme weather and other disasters are a reality.

In the event of an earthquake or major disaster, the city of Irwindale recommends everyone be prepared to provide for their care and safety before and after an event through proper planning and preparedness. The state of California provides important information to help you prepare for, and respond to, an emergency. Visit Be Prepared California for more information.

You can also download Earthquake Preparedness flyer (PDF) from the Los Angeles County Fire Department to help you and your family stay safe and be prepared for the aftermath of a major earthquake.

Local, State & Federal Emergency Preparedness Links