How do I request to upgrade or install new electrical service with SoCal Edison?

Whether you are requesting to upgrade or install new electrical service, or require an electric meter set, everything you need to develop and complete your project is available through SCE’s Local Planning department. We encourage our customers to reach out to SCE early in your project to discuss your energy needs. SCE Planners will work with you to help set the stage for0 new engineering and construction projects. For further information, please go to:

Southern California Edison's Local Planning

New Development Project Management

Real Properties/Easements

Additional Resources: 

GIS Power Site Search Tool

Looking to locate or expand your business in Southern California? Our GIS Power Search Tool can help your company locate power and broadband fiber ready sites in SCE's territory. Users can access an interactive web portal that provides public access to general locations of SCE distribution circuits and substations, including electrical load and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) hosting capacity by circuit. Please access the link below which also includes a link to a User’s Guide for your convenience. 

GIS Power Site Search Tool

Engineering Analysis Report

Would you like to know how and when SCE can serve your new/ expansion project? Please consider the below items:

  • SCE piloted an optional study where customers may request an Engineering Analysis Report as a load capacity study to determine if power is available at the requested location in an area as well as a timeframe for building new infrastructure, if needed, to meet the customers power needs. The cost for this study is $2,000. SCE strives to complete these studies in 30 business days. This study does NOT reserve power but is intended to provide direction to the customer for planning their projects. Additional Fees may apply for projects deemed to be speculative.
  • Contact for more information.

Economic Development Resources

SCE’s Economic Development Advisors provide one-on-one, specialized consulting service at no cost to you. After assessing your unique business issues, we’ll propose a package of available incentives, tools and programs to reduce your operating costs and help make your business more competitive. So whether you’re looking to expand your business, your current lease is expiring, you’re planning a move to Southern California, or have considered leaving California, talk to us first at See the link below for more information.

Economic Development Services | Consulting Services | Your Business | Home - SCE 

Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs

Energy Efficiency (EE) programs can help you save energy and contribute to a clean energy future. You can directly contact a third-party company (i.e., not affiliated with SCE) for many of these programs. You can learn more about the various third-party programs listed below and how they may be able to help you conserve energy and lower your energy costs. See the link below for more information.

Third-Party Energy Efficiency Programs ( 

Commercial Cannabis Operators 

Commercial cannabis operations are encouraged to adopt energy efficiency best practices. See below for more information: 

  • Southern California Edison commercial business customers may be eligible to receive rebates or incentives for adopting certain energy efficiency measures. For more information and a list of available energy efficiency programs, please visit: Efficiency Programs 
  • Resource Innovation Institute (RII) is a non-profit organization that offers resources to promote efficiency in the field of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), including best practice guides, case studies, industry reports and energy use benchmarking tools. For more information, please visit: Resource Innovation Website 

Transportation Electrification

Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Transport Program

Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Charge Ready Transport (CRT) program provides make-ready electric infrastructure to qualifying customers procuring at least 2 medium-heavy-duty (MDHD) electric vehicles (EV). Through the program, SCE covers the cost of distribution infrastructure upgrades on both the utility-side and customer-side of the meter up to the first point of interconnection with a customer’s charging equipment. The program also provides charging equipment rebates up to 50% for eligible customers.

Email, your dedicated SCE Account Manager or Ramiro Lepe ( to get started. Visit for more information.

Southern California Edison’s New Construction Rebate (NCR) (

NCR gives multifamily property owners holding title (on properties in development or built 2017 or after) up to $3500 for every EV charging port they install. Other benefits of NCR include:

  • No minimum or maximum ports required - a customer can apply for as little as 1 port, or 150 ports, as examples
  • 3 years of reserved funding - once the program agreement is signed, SCE reserves funding per port requested (e.g. $3500 x 10 planned ports = $35,000) for up to 3 years, giving property owners time to vet, purchase and install the right EV charging station for their property
  • A curated list of EV charging station companies to work with – property owners get to pick EV charging stations off SCE’s Approved Product List (, from companies that are carefully vetted and up-to-date on California EV charging rules and regulations

Email, your dedicated SCE Account Manager or Naveed Ahmad ( to get started. Visit for more information.


Rule 29 was designed to help customers reduce cost and simplify the process of installing EV infrastructure for commercial, industrial and multifamily properties. Under this tariff, SCE will cover the costs for design and deployment of line extensions to customer meter panels and pedestals for EV charging stations. See the link below for more information.

EV Rule 29 Fact Sheet 0622_WCAG (

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