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Why Irwindale

Irwindale is unique to Los Angeles County in how much developable land it has and in the opportunity for more developable land in the future. Its central location in the Los Angeles metro area offers an excellent opportunity for the development of logistics-related land uses, which require large amounts of land and access to large consumer markets.

The City of Irwindale is ripe for growth, especially for new and expanding businesses. The square footage of industrial space in the City has increased by eight percent since 2008, compared to less than two percent growth in San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County. Despite this large amount of new development, there is room for further development on existing vacant land and mining pits that will be reclaimed. This and other data point to Irwindale being a city of plentiful opportunity for businesses. The City is resolved to act and invite businesses to seize on this opportunity for expansion in Irwindale.

Economic Development Incentives

Economic Development Incentive Program (TAX SHARING AGREEMENTS)
It is the intent of the City of Irwindale to establish a clear and transparent policy regarding economic development incentives as a way to encourage and promote economic development within the City of Irwindale. 

  1. Iris Espino

    Assistant to the City Manager