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Beverage Container Recycling & Litter Reduction Program

California Beverage Container Recycling & Litter Reduction Act

In 1986, the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act was established in order to reduce litter and establish a beverage container recycling system in California. This Act provides for financial incentives and a convenient return systems to ensure the efficient and large-scale recycling of beverage containers. Redemption opportunities for all consumers are provided in the form of dealer and other shopping center locations, independent and industry operated recycling centers, curbside programs, and other recycling systems that assure all consumers, in every region of California have the opportunity to return beverage containers conveniently, efficiently, and economically. The goal of the Act is to achieve an 80 percent recycling rate for all aluminum, glass, plastic, and bimetal beverage containers sold in California, thereby reducing the beverage container component of litter in the State. Beverage containers covered by the Act include those filled with carbonated mineral and soda water and other similar carbonated soft drinks, noncarbonated soft drinks, wine coolers and distilled spirit coolers, beer and malt beverages, as well as noncarbonated water including noncarbonated mineral water, sport drinks, coffee and tea drinks, vegetable juice in beverage containers 16oz. or less, carbonated and noncarbonated fruit drinks that contain any percentage of fruit juice and 100% fruit juices that are packaged in containers less than 46 oz. in volume. The program does not cover any beverage container product type that is not specifically included by the Act.

Why Recycle Beverage Containers?

It is important to continue to recycle beverage containers and ensure that they do not end up in a landfill or in the ocean. Beverage containers, especially plastic containers, that end up in the ocean are responsible for hurting and/or killing sea animals each year. Litter cleanup up of these products can also be costly and a nuisance problem for everyone in the community.

About the Certified Recycling Centers

CalRecycle encourages the recycling of beverage containers in order to reduce litter and these contaminates from entering our storm drains and oceans. To do so, CalRecycle certifies Recycling Centers in the State of California that are trained on processing beverage containers for recycling, which includes proper payment of these recyclables to consumers. You can find a certified recycling center near you. For more information on the City of Irwindale’s Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Program, please contact Aundrea Alvarado at (626) 653-3692.

Beverage Container Recycling Notice (PDF)

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