Administration Department

Under the leadership of the City Manager, the Administration Department strives to provide excellent customer service to decision-makers, City departments, employees, businesses and the public. The Administration Department is comprised of the City Managers Office, City Clerk, Information Technology, Housing, and Economic Development functions.

City Manager

To provide leadership, direction and support to City departments in implementing City Council goals and directives and to promote a City organization that is customer and results-focused in providing City services. The City Manager also acts as the City Clerk and Personnel Director for the City and Executive Director for the City of Irwindale Successor Agency to the Irwindale Community Redevelopment Agency and Housing Authority.

City Clerk

To provide municipal election services, maintain the official record of all City Council proceedings, and perform other State and municipal statutory duties for elected officials, voters, City departments, and the public in order that they be guaranteed fair and impartial elections and open access to information and the legislative process.

Information Technology

To provide the technology to enhance the delivery of City government services and increase the access to and quality of vital government data which facilitates commerce and enhances quality of life in our community.


To administer City housing programs to increase, preserve and improve housing that is affordable and livable for our residents.

Economic Development

To provide resources to the business community with the purposes of attracting, retaining, and expanding employment opportunities, expanding local revenue taxes, and stimulating the local economy