Property & Evidence Section


The Property and Evidence Section is responsible for the processing and booking of criminal evidence collected by police personnel. Under the direction of the Property Manager, the Property Officer maintains the daily security of property booked as lost, found, recovered, and for safekeeping.


Property is released by appointment only each Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., with the exception of city holidays. Please contact the Property Officer  to make an appointment or with any questions that you may have regarding property items. In order to have property released, you will need photo identification, a Property Receipt (if applicable) and may need to provide proof of ownership.


Found property will be maintained for 90 days or until an owner can be located.

Finders: After 60 days, but before 90 days, finders can contact the Property Officer to file a claim if no owner can be located. Found firearms cannot be released to a finder.


Property held for safekeeping must be claimed within 90 days or it will be disposed of as prescribed by law. The owner can designate another person to pick up the property for them; however, the designated person must have a notarized, signed letter authorizing them to pick up the property on the owner's behalf. The designee must present valid identification. Cash will only be returned to the owner, unless otherwise specified by the officer or assigned detective.


If you wish to claim your firearm(s), you will need to apply with the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a firearm eligibility clearance. The DOJ will instruct you on how to obtain a clearance and the fees involved.


Property held as Evidence will not be released unless the case has been resolved through the court process or a detective assigned to the case has authorized the release. If the detective authorizes the release, you can contact the Property & Evidence office for an appointment. You must have your report number and valid photo ID when picking up your property. (Firearms and Cash held as evidence included.) Evidence can only be claimed by the person named on the release. Letters will NOT be accepted.


Property seized as a result of a search warrant requires a court order to be released. This may be obtained by the investigating detective or can be obtained by the property owner.


All property (confiscated and unclaimed) that is eligible for auction is outsourced to a local auction company to be auctioned to the public. You may check their web site for further information.